make a breakdown of your code before you get a breakdown from it!

make a breakdown

with a breakdown you can analyze the code of your project automatically. the result of the breakdown will show which modules and the depending functions, classes and constants are avaible on you and the deploying webserver with a single command.

choose your weapon

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On the left hand, if you have to set up the project in your development environment or continue another ones work, you can easelly breakdown the project on your command line to get a result if all modules of php are installed in you environment or not.

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On the right hand, if you want to check the the deployment server of your host provider or the the customers host provider but you don't have access on command line to it, you can auto generate a simple testfile which will work with an absolut basic installation of php on a 99cent host provider to show the test result in the brwoser!

try your own breakdown!

and visit the project on my GitLab!

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